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The Bulk Barn: Pizza Crust Blend Gluten Free (in bulk)

My husband encouraged me to try this crust out and decided he would make it for me one night. He didn't have any trouble putting together the dough, so it can't be that hard, right? This mix makes a very dense (and a bit chewy), thin crust that holds together surprisingly well and has fairly good flavour. We made 6 small crusts, freezing 3 for another day. They seemed to hold up quite well in the freezer. There is some whole grain rice flour in the mix which adds fibre, and it's even healthier if you add the recommended flax seed to the mix. I'd say that's pretty good for pizza... now the healthiness of the toppings is up to you!

They are also quite reasonably priced (much cheaper than any packaged mix you will find). Buying in bulk is fairly easy. They provide you with a little recipe card with the instructions and ingredients (you will need eggs, milk, salt, pepper, and flax, which I'm sure is optional, for this recipe). One drawback, however, is that you probably won't scoop out the exact amount you need for a recipe. On the bright side, you will get a chance to use all that fraction conversion stuff you learned in high school!

I will most likely buy this mix again. It's nice to have an easy pizza crust on hand for when friends want to order pizza!

Health     4.5 stars (for pizza anyway)
Cost        4 stars
Taste       4 stars
Texture   3.5 stars

Overall Rating: 4 Stars