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Kinnikinnick Product Review

Recently I recieved some gluten free products to review, courtesy of the nice people at Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. I was so excited to try some of these products that I have found very difficult to create gluten free. I am happy that Kinnikinnick did all the work for me so that we can enjoy gluten free donuts and cinnamon buns! (things I was worried I might never have again). They also sent me some pancake/waffle mix and a loaf of sunflower flax bread to test. Thanks Kinnikinnick!
Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. is a Canadian company, based in Edmonton, but I belive they sell their products in both Canada and the US. Their products can be found in many grocery stores as well as specialty health food stores. I have found Kinnikinnick products to be well priced in most stores and great quality. Here is some more information on a few of their products.

Kinnikinnick Pancake/Waffle Mix

I have my own recipe for gluten free pancakes that I really enjoy, so I was interested to see how these would measure up. I was pleasantly surprised and the amazing taste of these pancakes. They were light and fluffy, and had a sweet, almost vanilla like flavour. They were very easy to make, all I needed to add to 1 cup of the mix (makes 8-10 pancakes) was 1 egg, 1 T vegetable oil, and 3/4 cup water, club soda, or milk (I used milk). There is enough mix for 2 of these batches in the box, which retails for 4.99. I think that is very reasonable for this mix. I also appreciated the fact that this mix was more than just starches and white flour. Ingredients include soy flour, inulin, pea protein, and pea fibre, which adds protein and fibre to the pancakes. I was impressed with both the taste, and the healthiness of this mix!
Health     4.5 stars
Cost        4 stars
Taste       5 stars
Texture   4.5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

I used to eat the Cheese Tapioca Rice Bread from Kinnikinnick when I was younger and really enjoyed it. The texture is good when toasted and the slices are very thin so you don't get overwhelmed with too much bread. I was excited to try the sunflower flax bread because I am a huge fan of flaxseed and it sounded interesting. I really enjoyed the texture of this bread (after toasting) and liked the flavour at first, but after the second piece, I found the sunflower seeds to be a bit to much... not too much to the point I wouldn't eat it, but I would rather there be a bit less in the bread.
Each slice contains 2 g Fibre, 2 g Protein and 4.5 g Fat (mostly good fat) and I found the bread to be very filling. It also has a good amount of some vitamins like thiamine, folacin and iron (the work of the sunflower seeds and flax I'm sure). I really liked this bread as grilled cheese, garlic toast, and breakfast toast with peanut butter and honey. The cost of this bread on their website is $5.70, which is an ok price for gluten free bread, and included 14 slices.
Health     4.5 stars
Cost        4 stars
Taste       4.5 stars
Texture    4.5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.4 Stars

I am sooooo excited to be able to have donuts again. That is probably one of the things I miss most. Tim Hortons is one of my favorite places to go for coffee, and I always end up pining for donuts while I'm there (especially sour cream glazed and especially when my husband is eating one across the table from me!). I was a bit nervous to get my hopes up on this one. I honestly couldn't even remember what donuts taste like before I bit in to this one. It tasted exactly like a donut... everything I had forgotten came back! It tasted amazing and nothing like gluten free.
Each box contains 6 medium sized donuts that are to be kept frozen and microwaved just before eating. I was afraid that all the glaze would melt off, but it didn't at all. Unfortunately, they were covered in flimsy plastic that I had to tear off, so I put the remaining donuts (in their tray) into a ziplock bag before putting them back in the box to ensure they did not get freezer burned. I am not even going to worry about health for this one because donuts aren't supposed to be healthy:) The price for 6 donuts is $6.59, which I think is a bit steep, but totally worth it for a treat because GF donuts are hard to find and you're worth it... just maybe stick to one in a sitting for the sake of your health!
They have pumpkin spice donuts on their website right now and I am seriously considering tracking those down. Pumpkin spice has got to be one of the best flavours on the planet!

Cost        3.5 stars
Taste       5 stars
Texture    5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Like the donuts, I was super pumped to try cinnamon buns again. I have tried to make GF cinnamon buns on multiple occasions and failed miserably. It's hard to make a dough soft enough to roll up but firm enough to roll out. They come 6 to a tray at a cost of $6.60. They aren't that big, and look just ok in the package, but they actually do have a very nice texture to them. The dough is flexible and not too dense so that you can rip pieces off, just like the real thing. It was a nice change from my hard crumbly attempts! Plus there was lots of gooey cinnamon syrup to coat them all.
I was actually surprised at the nutrition facts. They record one bun as having 6 grams of Fibre and 4 grams of protein! (we will just ignore those 6 grams of fat) The ingredients list inulin and pea fibre/protein, which are probably responsible for the good nutrition stats. Now you don't have to feel guilty eating this as a afternoon snack... or maybe even breakfast:)

Health     4 stars (for a treat like this anyway)
Cost        4 stars
Taste       5 stars
Texture    4 stars

Overall Rating: 4.25 Stars

I was impressed with these products and suggest you try them and keep a look out for some of the other Kinnikinnick products in your grocery store. I know they sell lots of other mixes, bread and buns, cookies, etc. Please comment and let me know what your favorite Kinnikinnick product is. I would love to know! 

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  1. Their Candida gluten free bread is a godsend for me as i am gluten free and yeast free.